Hafan Y Môr - Aberporth.
Terms and Conditions.

If you choose to stay in Hafan Y Môr you do so under the terms and conditions listed below. No booking will be accepted if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. By making a booking your are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions. For the purposes of the these terms and conditions of Hafan Y Môr "you" means the entire booking party and any guest you may allow access to the property during your stay.

1. Deposit: £50.00 deposit per week must be paid as soon you have contacted us to provisionally book your holiday in order to avoid disappointment. Provisional bookings will be held for one week only until we receive your deposit unless otherwise agreed in advance. The deposit is non returnable. Payments should be maid payable to Mrs C. Collins.

2 Payment of Balance: The Balance for your holiday must be paid 21 days before the start date of your holiday. Payment should be made in GBP. If you wish to pay in Euros please contact us directly prior to payment to make suitable arrangements. Payments should be made payable to Mrs C. Collins.

3 Damage: If during the course of your stay any items are damaged due to accident or miss adventure then you are liable for the cost of replacement items. If you so choose with our permission you may replace like with like, contact us immediately so that we can make arrangements. It is essential that we are informed of any damaged items as time will be of the essence to ensure items are replaced as soon as possible and future occupancies are not effected.

4 Breakdown: If during the course of your stay an item breaks down through no fault of your party then please inform us as soon as possible at least within 24 hours. We will endeavor to arrange a replacement as soon as possible. However we will not offer any guarantee that items will be replaced within any given time scale. We will however do our best to ensure items are replaced as soon as possible so not to detract from the enjoyment of your holiday. It is essential that we are informed of any breakdown as time will be of the essence to ensure future occupancies are not effected even if they do not detract from your enjoyment of your holiday.

5 Behavior: Hafan Y Môr is located on a residential estate and therefore no behaviour which detracts from the quality of life (in any way) of any other resident will be accepted.

6 Contents: The contents of Hafan y Môr remain the owner's property during the course of your Holiday. Items are made available for your use in the property only and items must not be removed from the property for any reason.

7 Occupancy: It is the term of booking that the users of the residence is limited to the party on whose account the booking is made.

8 Refuse is collected every Wednesday morning: Please ensure rubbish is placed in the bin provided and the bin is placed on the pavement for collection on a Wednesday morning.

9 The Bungalow provides the following:

Electricity is on a meter system (£1.00 coin slot) in the hall cupboard.
The Bungalow is double glazed, heating is provided in the form of electric fires/radiators.
The following accommodation is provided:
1st Bedroom: Contains a double bed, a single bed and a fold out bed.
2nd Bedroom: Contains twin beds.
Lounge: Dining area with table and chairs, Colour Television, DVD, Digi Box, CD player, radio and Sofas
Kitchen: Electric cooker, Fridge with freezer compartment, Kettle, Toaster, Microwave, Crockery, Cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans.
Bathroom: Toilet, Wash hand basin, Bath.
Every effort will be made to ensure the above are provided for every stay but no guarantee is offered that all items will be present. See point 3 & 4 above.

10 Bed Linen: Complete duvet sets, sheets and pillow cases are provided at the start of each holiday only. Please leave the protective mattress covers in place in the interests of hygiene and cleanliness. Mattress protectors are replaced between each stay.

11 Towels and table linen. Towels are not provided. Table linen is not provided, coasters and place mats are provided.

12 Cleaning: Please leave the bungalow the way you find it. If the Bungalow is found in need of extensive cleaning after a stay it will jeopardize future occupations and an excessive cleaning fee of £25.00 will be payable.

13 Parking: There is a hard stand at the front of the property for one car. Any vehicle is parked at the risk of the owner and no liability for any loss damage or resultant loss or damage as a result of use or miss use of the parking provided will be accepted by the owners of Hafan Y Mor.

14 Rights: You agree that you are booking Hafan Y Môr as a self-catering Holiday Accommodation, you do not have any rights as a resident to remain in the property for any period other that the dates agreed for the duration of your holiday. You must vacate the premises at the end of your agreed Holiday Period.

15 Disclaimer: It is a term of every booking that the booking party and guests agree they will not hold the owners of Hafan Y Môr liable for any loss, damages or accident arising as a result of the use or miss use of Hafan Y Môr in anyway.

16 Right of refusal: The management reserve the right to refuse any booking at the management's discretion if we feel it is unsuitable for Hafan y Môr even after a deposit has been paid, under these circumstances the deposit will be returned.

17 Pets: We allow one well behaved pet to stay in Hafan Y Mor on the condition that the bungalow is left the way you find it.

18 Smoking: We and many other guests do not smoke and may find the smell of smoke off putting therefore whilst we do not enforce a no smoking rule please respect our wishes and smoke outside of the property. If, in our opinion we find the property smelling distasteful of smoke we will not allow future occupations.

18 Extenuating circumstances: If for any unforeseen circumstances we are unable to provide accommodation we will contact clients as soon as possible and offer a full refund of all fees paid. We will not accept any liability for any resultant loss.
By making a booking to stay in Hafan a Môr you must have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. Your signature on the booking form is proof that you agree to the terms of booking.