What's to do in and around Aberporth.



Two of the most beautiful Welsh beaches nestle in the valley sheltered from the forces of nature, Aberporth offers calm waters when many beaches are too rough to swim.  The crystal clear waters of the West Wales coast offer excellent snorkeling and  even diving opportunities.  Life guards are stationed on the beaches during the holiday period and the local life saving club can be seen training on the beaches on most days.  Clean sandy beaches provide ideal surroundings for children to play.  The excellent benched grassy areas provide lovely vantage spots for the elderly or young to view the beaches.

At low tide children delight in exploring the coastline and finding the secret cove's which are only accessible at low water.


Skate- Boarding: There are two skate parks for the children in the local area, one can be found in Cardigan and another in New Quay (both free), and the Local Wild West Center offers Mountain Boarding, Quad Biking and much more.

Skimmer Boarding:Kids love skimming on the sand at Aberporth.

Swimming:  The water quality is tested every week during the bathing season and the results are displayed. Aberporth's water quality results usually reach the higher guideline standards which are recommended by the E.U.

Snorkeling:  Novice or expert can enjoy the clear sheltered waters teaming with marine life.

Walking: The Ceredigion coastal path is one of the most beautiful in Britain and Aberporth provides access to these walks with breath -taking scenery and opportunities to see some amazing wildlife.

Fishing: The West Wales waters are home to many species of edible and sporting fish,  Bass, Tope, Bull Huss, Lesser Spotted Dog Fish, Mackerel, Whiting, Dabs, Pollock, Pouting, Conger and Wrasse are all found locally.  Cliff top and waters edge fishing marks found from the cliff top path provide some excellent fishing.  Boat trips and fishing trips can be chartered from near by Newquay.

Sailing: Excellent  for beginners or experts, Aberporth and Tresaith provides beautiful scenery for sailing at sea.  The sheltered bay provides calm waters but a short way out to sea the experienced can take advantage of stronger winds.

Surfing : Surfers young and experienced can enjoy the waves at Aberporth and near by beaches Llangranog and Tresaith. Whilst the waves are usually smaller here more experienced surfers frequent Aberporth when a storm brews. Aberporth offers clean lines when other beaches are blown out.

Canoeing: Excellent  for beginner or expert, Aberporth provides beautiful scenery for canoeing at sea.

Wild Life

Dolphins and Porpoise: Aberporth, has regular visits from schools of Dolphin and Porpoise.  The headland provides excellent fishing grounds and shoals of fish have been herded into the bay by dolphin to feed, this provides an excellent spectacle.

Seals: The local coast provides a home for many seals and in stormy waters the seals often take shelter in Aberporth

Felinwynt Rainforest and Butterfly Centre

John and Dorothy Devereux have a passion for rainforests and butterflies. They have created an idyllic rainforest on the west coast of Wales, which has been awarded 'A Star Attraction' by "Visit Wales" (Welsh Tourist Board).


Red Kites: The West Wales coast provides opportunities to view these lovely rare birds.

Rock Pools: Provide a home to an abundance of fish, crabs and other creatures that children love to see