Dolphins Seals & Porpoise.

Aberporth bay forms part of the Cardigan bay Dolphins usual haunts, you may not see Dolphins here every day, but if you spend some time watching you will usually be rewarded within a few days. The headland which forms part of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) site has a tidal current system that throws up silt into the water and this causes fish to feed. The presence of a regular supply of fish makes this location a favourite of the Dolphins who can often be seen fishing.

Early morning and late evening are often the best times to see Dolphins and Porpoise. The rocky coast between Aberporth and Tresaith has many vantage points that have uninterrupted views of the coast. A few hours in the early morning or evening are often rewarded with quite close views of Porpoise and Dolphins. In a Kayak with no motor is is possible to drift pass them soundless so as not to disturb them. Some times you get within a few feet and they seem undisturbed as they fish around you. At other times the Dolphins seem to play and launch them selves out of the water completely, they seem intent on causing as big a splash as they can.

In Bad weather when the seas are rough Aberporth is more sheltered than other beaches, seals have been known to take advantage of this and shelter in the bay. If you take a boat trip down the coast you more often than not see seal's fishing or resting on the rocks in the sun. It is obvious that to sustain so many large mammals the sea and coast line of West Wales must offer ample supplies of fish. Many take advantage of this and enjoy fishing the local waters, this is often the easiest way to see Seals and Dolphins, as you wait patiently fishing an occasional seal will pop a head out of the water to check what your doing.